Are you suspicious of Bone Cancer


Bone cancer is a neoplastic growth tissue in bone. They can be defined as benign or malignant. In simple terms, it can be either cancerous or non-cancerous. The genesis of bone cancer is known as primary bone cancer. The percentage of bone cancer in its primary form is a mere 0.2%. Different type of bone cancer account for different stats as far as tracking the most common form of bone cancer is concerned. Chondosarcoma leads the stats with 40% of adults suffering from it in recent times followed by osteosarcoma which stands at 28%, chordoma accounts for 10%. Ewing sarcoma has left 8% of people suffering whereas fibrosarcoma has 4% victims. The relatively less harmful bone cancer is rare.

Bone cancer symptoms


The early sign of bone cancer is pain which is often ignored as minor muscular pain. But you must be really careful about dealing with the pain. Persistent pain that increases and causes more discomfort with each passing day should be taken seriously. The best way to clear the air about pain caused in the bone is by consulting an orthopedic surgeon. Cause of pain can be better asserted with an X-ray or MRI scan.


If the pain arises with swelling of the region; you had better consult the expert. Unbearable pain coupled with swelling can be early signs of bone tumour ballooning in the body. What can be even more excruciating is the fact that you may have limited movement due to this pain that stiffens the tissues.


You may have dragged yourself to move from one place to another if bone cancer has affected your legs. Limping could have been caused due to fracture. Limping or unease to walk is witnessed mostly during the latter part of the bone cancer.

Weight loss

Have you been losing weight lately or do you feel nauseated? In both cases you are advised to seek medical test and get a test to check if you are suffering from bone cancer. This is a very rare condition that may not be associated with bone cancer directly. However studies have shown that in few cases bone cancer condition also takes a toll on normal weight of a person. As a matter of fact, it goes on to state that anemia and loss of red blood cell is also apparent.

Extreme situation scenario

Unfortunately bone cancer makes life drudgery for those who have been suffering too long or have ignored the warning bells all the while. During extreme situations, all you can do is fall back on medical methods of treatment before it starts posing risk to your life.


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